About Scatec Innovation

Scatec Innovation is paving the way for new ideas to be developed into new, sustainable businesses, to the benefit to both our society and our shareholders. We do this by contributing to innovation within the fields of renewable energy and advanced materials.
Our present portfolio of companies ranges from start-ups to listed companies.

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Solutions for a sustainable future

To be able to provide energy to a growing population in a sustainable way, it will have to be climate neutral. This will inevitably result in the reduction in fossil fuel consumption and electricity will increasingly become the preferred energy carrier.

In Scatec Innovation, we are looking into new ways to produce renewable and climate neutral energies, as well as enabling technologies, parts and components.

“To be able to provide energy to a growing population in a sustainable way, it will have to be climate neutral.”

A more sustainable future will require advanced materials. Lighter, stronger, and more durable materials produced in an energy efficient way with increased opportunity for re-cycling will be beneficial both to the environment and the consumers. Lighter and stronger materials will require less energy in all moving objects, more durable components will reduce repairs and necessary substitution. In total, this will reduce energy consumption throughout the value chains.

Scatec Innovation is among other things involved in novel titanium production technologies, hipping of complex metal alloy components, and advanced separation of rare earth elements.

Picture of Alf Bjørseth

Founded by Alf Bjørseth in 1987

In 1994, Dr. Bjørseth set up ScanWafer, a company within the global solar industry that specialized in the production of multi-crystalline silicon wafers. He later established a further three companies related to solar cell and module production, as well as a solar module installation company.

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