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Young talents at the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet

The National Ballet UNG (Photo: Erik B)

Scatec Innovation is a Partner of The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet where we specifically support The Norwegian National Ballet UNG. Established in 2015, this ensemble consists of Norwegian and foreign young talents between the ages of 17 and 23 and is part of the National Ballet’s efforts to explore new ways to develop the dancers of tomorrow. The aim is also to gather some of the best young dancers in Norway and from around the world in the Opera house. In addition to their own performances and touring, the young dancers will participate in the Norwegian National Ballet productions.

In Scatec Innovation we contribute to innovation within the fields of renewable energy and advanced materials. We are paving the way for new ideas to be developed into new, sustainable businesses through highly skilled and competent individuals who are teaming up to create the best foundation for new businesses to prosper. The company methodology encourages effective knowledge sharing and synergy between business areas. We are an industrial investor focusing on companies in an early phase, and leverage our industry knowledge, network and technical competence to maximize the probability for success to the benefit both to our society and our shareholders.

A common denominator with DNO&B is that a successful performance is the result of skilled individuals performing their part in the best possible way. Hence, it is necessary to build individual talent as well as fine-tuning the team effort. Our ways of working also have common features in the quest for quality where human interaction is the key to success. In Scatec Innovation we are a team of professionals working together, building on our individual strengths to successfully find new solutions and tackle the challenges. This creates innovation! Our partnerships with DNO&B allows us to take part in the great interaction of both operas and ballets. Even as a small sponsor, Scatec Innovation’s contribution can make a difference for the National Ballet’s young talents and we are with great interest following the ballet company’s development and progress. Read more on the DNO&B's homepage.

Alf Bjørseth’s Inspirasjonspris

On the occasion of Dr. Alf Bjørseth’s 75th birthday in November 2016, Scatec Innovation introduced “Alf Bjørseth’s Inspirasjonspris” (Inspiration Award) with the objective to inspire young scientist at the start of a career within renewable energy and advanced materials. The award will be presented annually or bi-annually in cooperation with The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). Applicable candidates will have earned a doctor’s degree at NMBU in a subject relevant to renewable energy or advanced materials during the last two years.

Through his unique entrepreneurship, Dr. Alf Bjørseth has established a number of vital businesses within the fields of renewable energy and advanced materials. Common for these companies is a technological foundation firmly rooted in research and technology. Alf himself uses every opportunity to communicate the importance of expert knowledge, often with his own Dr. Phil. in chemistry as example. For these reasons, Alf is an important role model and source of inspiration for future generations’ young scientists. By instating Alf Bjørseth’s «Inspirasjonspris» (Inspiration award), Scatec Innovation AS wishes to honor its founder and inspire young scientist on the threshold of a career within renewable energy and advanced materials.
See list of winners here.